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The CICS Essentials Collection

A collection of Best Practice Guides for Managing and Auditing CICS

NewEra Software, Inc.

These accessible and (surprisingly) entertaining collection of best practice guides take IT Management and Auditors through CICS basics providing advice from real CICS, Sarbanes Oxley and SAS70 audit experiences around the world. Some of the biggest names in System z Security and Audit community contributed to this collection which were published by NewEra Software following an extensive review by a team of industry peers. This review process ensures high quality advice and technical detail found throughout the collection.

The authors of CICS Essentials - Auditing CICS - A Beginner's Guide have noted that you should look at their publication as a kind of "Dummies Guide" to understanding the ins and outs of CICS Auditing.

The other books and white papers stand on their own merit as useful publications designed to help z/OS CICS users and auditors address issues and problems the authors encountered in their day-to-day work with z/OS installations.

Finally, there are links to CICS-related recorded webcasts. These one hour webcasts feature some of the industry's keenest minds. Their message is well worth your time.

What reviewers are saying about CICS Essentials.   Download a "Soft Copy" of CICS Essentials Books and White Papers or Gain Access to Webcast Links

I learned a great deal by reading this document, and will value them as a handy reference for my CICS security implementation and audit activities. I’m certain that you will find it equally useful, and possibly disturbing.

Brian V. Cummings, Practice Lead, IRM Advisory Services
Tata Consultancy Services North America


I have to congratulate Julie-Ann, Martin and Craig for creating the first detailed work on CICS audit that I know of. It’s a complex topic, and needs a collection of this length to do it justice.

Mike Cairns – August 2009

BM Tivoli Asia Pacific  

"CICS Essentials - Auditing CICS - A Beginner's Guide" is a valuable tool for mainframe auditors who need to learn a lot about CICS.  It provides a wealth of useful information not easily available anywhere else. 

Stu Henderson
Mainframe Security and Audit Consultant/Trainer
The CICS Essentials collection explains the technobabble and acronymania usually found in IBM documentation into words REAL people can use and understand. More importantly, it explains where the critical risks are hidden within the CICS-arcana, and how to properly apply good security and control practices without sacrificing operational capabilities.

Doc Farmer, Senior Security Specialist
InfoSec, Inc.
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